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R.S.S.P. Mandal's
Nanasaheb Yashvantrao Narayanrao Chavan
Arts, Science & Commerce College
Chalisgaon. Dist - Jalgaon
Affiliated to
Kaviyitri Bahinabai Chaudhari
Vision & Mission
Imparting instruction in social sciences, humanities; business, commerce and management; basic and applied sciences with humanitarian, national and global outlook.
  • Knowledge that liberates
Principal's Message
Warm greetings from Rashtriya Sahakari Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s Nanasaheb Y. N. Chavan Arts, Science and Commerce College.
Admissions are open for academic year 2020-2021. For more details click here
Sr. No. Department H. O. D.
1 Marathi Prof K.P Rameshwarkar Teaching Staff PDF File
2 Hindi Dr. Mrs. Rekha Patil Teaching Staff PDF File
3 English Dr. S. D. Mahajan Teaching Staff PDF File
4 History Prof. P. G. Ramteke Teaching Staff PDF File
5 Geography Prof. Dr. S. M. Lawande Teaching Staff
6 Political Science Prof. Dr. R.P. Nikam Teaching Staff
7 Psychology Prof. H. R. Nikam Teaching Staff PDF File
8 Economics Prof. T. A. Dusing Teaching Staff
9 Education Dr. A. S. Mahajan Teaching Staff PDF File
10 Statistics Prof. K. C. Deshmukh Teaching Staff
About College
Nanasaheb Yashvantrao Narayanrao Chavan Arts, Science & Commerce College, Chalisgaon is run by Rashtriya Sahakari Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Ltd. Chalisgaon Dist. Jalgaon. More...
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