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R.S.S.P. Mandal's
Nanasaheb Yashvantrao Narayanrao Chavan
Arts, Science & Commerce College
Chalisgaon. Dist - Jalgaon
Affiliated to
Kaviyitri Bahinabai Chaudhari
Vision & Mission
Imparting instruction in social sciences, humanities; business, commerce and management; basic and applied sciences with humanitarian, national and global outlook.
  • Knowledge that liberates
Principal's Message
Warm greetings from Rashtriya Sahakari Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s Nanasaheb Y. N. Chavan Arts, Science and Commerce College.
Teaching Staff [Permanent]
Admissions are open for academic year 2020-2021. For more details click here
Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Department
1 Jadhav S.R. Principal M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Physics/Electronics
2 Parmar P. J. Professor M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D. Chemistry
3 Kalse A. T. Professor M.Sc., M.Phil.Ph.D Zoology
4 LawandeS. M. Professor M.A., Ph. D., SET Geography
5 Chavan M. Y. Asso,Prof. B. Com., M.P.Ed. Physical Education
6 Patil D. S. Asso,Prof. M.Com. Commerce
7 DeshmukhB. P. Asso,Prof. M.Sc. Physics/Electronics
8 Shah S. G. Asso,Prof. M.Sc. Chemistry
9 Jadhav S. S. Asso,Prof. M.Com. Commerce
10 Patil A. M. Asso,Prof. M.Sc. Botany
11 SakhalaS. V. Asso,Prof. M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D. Botany
12 Agrawal R. M. Asso,Prof. M.Sc., M.Phil Statistics
13 Shimpi N. T. Asso,Prof. M.Sc. Physics/Electronics
14 Mahajan S. D. Asso,Prof. M.A., PGDTE, Ph. D. English
15 Patil N. A. Asso,Prof. M.A., M.Phil. Geography
16 PatilD. B. Asso,Prof. M.Sc. Physics/Electronics
17 PatilR. V. Asso,Prof. M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. Hindi
18 Dusing T. A. Asso,Prof. M.A., M.Phil Economics
19 Deshmukh K. C. Asso,Prof. M.C.M. Computer Science
20 Nikam G. J. Asso,Prof. M.Sc. Geography
21 Ramteke P. G. Asso,Prof. M.A., M.Phil History
22 Sonone S. G. Asso,Prof. M.Sc. M.Phil Mathematics
23 Magar U. R. Asso,Prof. M.Sc., Ph. D. Botany
24 Shelke G. B. Asso,Prof. M.Sc. Physics/Electronics
25 Naik A. G. Asso,Prof. M.A., M.Phil.Ph.D Marathi
26 KulkarniA. L. Asso,Prof. M.Sc. Zoology
27 Deshmukh G. D. Asso,Prof. M.Sc. Physics/Electronics
28 Suryawanshi A. L.Asso,Prof. M.A., Ph. D. Geography
29 Mahajan A. S. Asso,Prof. M.A.B.Ed., M. Phil English
30 Badge R. J. Asso,Prof. M.A., NET, Ph. D. Geography
31 Golhar N. P. Asso,Prof. M.Sc. Physics/Electronics
32 Missal D. R. Asso,Prof. M.A., NET, Ph. D. Economics
33 Patil H. S. Asso,Prof. M.A. Hindi
34 Bender K. B. Asso,Prof. M.Sc., Ph. D. Botany
35 Padavi P. S. Asst.Prof. M.A. History
36 Rameshwarkar K. P. Asso,Prof. M.A. Marathi
37 Nikam H. R. Asso,Prof. M.A. Psychology
38 Beldar M. S. Asst.Prof. M.Com., SET Commerce
39 Nikam R. P. Asso,Prof. M.A., SET, Ph. D. Political Science
40 Pate S. E. Asso,Prof. M.Sc. Computer Science
41 Thombare C. D. Asso,Prof. M.A. Psychology
42 Shirsath V. P. Asso,Prof. M.A. English
43 Rathod S. B. Librarian M.A., B. Lib. Library
44 Chavan R.B. Asst.Prof. M.A., Ph. D. Political Science
45 Bhosale Y.M. Asst.Prof M.Sc. Zoology
46 Patil M. V. Asst.Prof M.Sc. Com. And Management
47 Katkar N.R. Asst.Prof MCA Com. And Management
48 Sharma M. D. Asst.Prof MCA Com. And Management
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